"The Hauserhof" - luxury farmhouse
in stunning location
  • Plot size approx. 1.349 m2
  • Living/floor space approx. 560 m2
  • Terrace area approx. 170 m2
  • Rooms 6

€ 19.9 million

"Dream Chalet" in the exclusive Kochau in Aurach
  • Plot Size 1.001 m2
  • Living/floor space approx. 630 m2
  • Terrace area approx. 154 m2
  • Balconies & covered outdoor seating areas approx. 165 m2

Purchase Price on request

Reside on a sunny plateau -
a chalet in a class of its own
  • Plot size approx. 777 m2
  • Living/floor space approx. 576 m2
  • Terrace area approx. 205 m2
  • Rooms 6

€ 16.5 million

"Reith Mountain Estate" – an exclusive luxury property on a sunny high plateau "Reith Mountain Estate" –
an exclusive luxury property
on a sunny high plateau
  • Plot size approx. 3,300 m2
  • Living/floor space approx. 1,893 m2
  • Garden approx. 1,200 m2
  • Bedrooms 11

Purchase Price on request

Magnificent country estate "Wilder Kaiser" Magnificent country estate
"Wilder Kaiser"
  • Plot size approx. 1,620 m2
  • Living/floor space approx. 669 m2
  • Terrace and balcony areas approx. 261 m2
  • Rooms 6

Purchase Price on request

Stunning penthouse "THE WOOD HOOD" in a prime location
  • Living/floor space approx. 248 m2
  • Terrace areas approx. 86 m2
  • Garden area approx. 28 m2
  • Rooms 5

Purchase Price on request

Unique luxury chalet in one of the most
sought-after locations of Kitzbühel
  • Plot size approx. 1,171 m2
  • Living/floor space approx. 851 m2
  • Terrace and balcony areas approx. 343 m2
  • Bedrooms 5

Purchase Price on request

"Top of The Top" – Exclusive chalet in excellent location
  • Plot size 900 m2
  • Living/floor space 680 m2
  • Terrace space 220 m2
  • Garage spaces 6

€ 12.4 million

Extraordinary alpine chalet
  • Plot size approx. 605 m2
  • Living/floor space approx. 385 m2
  • Terrace area approx. 149 m2
  • Bedrooms 4

€ 10.9 million

High-end luxury chalet with magnificent panoramic views
  • Plot size approx. 679 m2
  • Living/floor space approx. 442 m2
  • Total floor space approx. 600 m2
  • Rooms 6

€ 13.85 million

Luxury chalet in a secluded location with magnificent mountain views
  • Plot size 203 m2
  • Living/floor space ca. 172 m2
  • Terrace area ca. 20
  • Partial leisure residence designation

€ 6.9 million

Fantastic chalet in sought-after location in Aurach in the Kochau
  • Plot size approx. 665 m2
  • Living/floor space approx. 380 m2
  • Terrace and balcony areas approx. 170 m2
  • Rooms 5

€ 9.9 million

"Gams Lodge" – chalet in a tranquil location on the edge of the forest "Gams Lodge" – chalet in a tranquil location on the edge of the forest
  • Plot size approx. 500 m2
  • Living/floor space approx. 277 m2
  • Terrace and balcony areas approx. 83 m2
  • Bedrooms 3

€ 7.5 million

First-Class chalet with a view of the Südberge mountains
  • Plot size approx. 329 m2
  • Living/floor space approx. 308 m2
  • Terraces and Balcony areas approx. 96 m2
  • Bedrooms 4

€ 7.9 million

Outstanding luxury chalet with 360° - mountain panorama Outstanding luxury chalet
with 360° - mountain panorama
  • Plot size 797 m2
  • Living/floor space 369 m2
  • Balcony and terrace areas 197 m2
  • Rooms 6

€ 6.695 million

Chalet "Residence Eichenheim"
  • Plot size 2,436 m2
  • Living/floor space approx. 800 m2
  • Terrace areas approx. 180 m2
  • Organic swimming pond

€ 5.5 million

Luxury apartment "Alpine Garden Living" in prime location
  • Living/floor space 214 m2
  • Terrace area approx. 80 m2
  • Garden approx. 267 m2
  • Rooms 4

€ 3.85 million

Light-flooded chalet "Mountain View"
  • Plot size approx. 380 m2
  • Living/floor space approx. 318 m2
  • Terrace and balcony areas approx. 169 m2
  • Rooms 5

€ 4.9 million

Gorgeous chalet apartment in a sunny and tranquil location Gorgeous chalet apartment
in a sunny and tranquil location
  • Living/floor space approx. 175 m2
  • Terrace and balcony areas approx. 55 m2
  • Bedrooms 3
  • Bathrooms 3

€ 3.6 million

"Kaiser"-chalet II
Your hideaway in the mountains
  • Plot size approx. 503 m2
  • Living/floor space approx. 254 m2
  • Terrace area approx. 60 m2
  • Rooms 5

€ 3.25 million

Charming garden apartment in an Idyllic location
  • Living/floor space approx. 144 m2
  • Terrace areas approx. 14 m2
  • Garden 222 m2
  • Rooms 4

€ 2.3 million

"Kaiser"-chalet I
Your hideaway in the mountains
  • Plot size approx. 503 m2
  • Living/floor space approx. 254 m2
  • Terrace area approx. 60 m2
  • Rooms 5

€ 3.25 million

Stylish garden apartment with a sun terrace
  • Living/floor space approx. 90 m2
  • Terrace area approx. 30 m2
  • Bedrooms 2
  • Bathrooms 2

€ 1.19 million

Stylish apartment in outstanding location
  • Living/floor space 186 m2
  • Terrace area approx. 43 m2
  • Balcony approx. 29 m2
  • Rooms 3

€ 2.85 million

“City Life” Stylish apartment in the center of the “Chamois Town"
  • Living/floor area approx. 146 m2
  • Bedrooms 3
  • Bathrooms 2
  • Exclusive furnishings

€ 2.65 million


Kitzbühel is a real gem nestled in the mountains of Tyrol. This town perfectly combines its romantic and luxury facets with its wide variety of sporting activities, which has long been the basis of its unique tourism brand. Kitzbühel’s main sporting attraction is of course skiing, with the local slopes and surrounding ski resorts making for a one-of-a-kind experience. In Kitzbühel alone, there are around 170 kilometres of pistes that you can easily access with over 50 gondola and ski lift facilities. Together with the pistes and lifts in neighbouring Jochberg, Kirchberg in Tirol and Thurn Pass, they form one of the biggest and most popular ski regions in Austria. Hahnenkamm is without a doubt the most well-known piste in Kitzbühel, having gained worldwide fame for its legendary downhill race.



High-profile figures from across the world gather in Kitzbühel for the unique downhill race, creating the perfect blend of glamour and luxury with a cosy, small-town atmosphere. The area is not short on attractions in summer either. The surrounding landscape literally bursts into flower in the spring and summer months. You can clear your mind on a quiet stroll or gentle hike in the lush forests that blanket the mountainous landscape. Or you can set out on an adventure with your mountain bike or climbing gear.

LIVING DELUXE Real Estate specialises in highly exclusive properties in Austria. Drawing on our years of experience and expertise in the local property market, LIVING DELUXE Real Estate provides professional advice and support to those looking to purchase luxury villas. Our company uses our extensive know-how to find our clients grand properties in prime locations, including Kitzbühel. We would be happy to send you more information about our premium homes upon request, and we are always available if you would like to have a personal consultation.


Kitzbühel has an idyllic charm with its historic centre and perfectly picturesque panoramic mountain views. The town skilfully blends the traditional with the modern, quite rightly earning itself the reputation of being the hotspot of the Alps. Visitors to this small-town wonderland will find all their wishes catered for at plush hotels, Gault & Millau toque-awarded restaurants and exclusive designer shops. And those who like to soak up culture, explore the region and have a whole host of exciting activities to get stuck into are in the right place with Kitzbühel. Here are just a few of the highlights we think you would like:

  • Golf course Kitzbühel-Schwarzsee-Reith: This is where top-tier, challenging golf courses meet breathtaking mountain scenery, guaranteeing an unforgettable afternoon.
  • Casino Kitzbühel: Casino Kitzbühel is always worth a visit not just for thrill-seekers but anyone who wants to spend a high-class evening in excellent company.
  • Alpine flower garden on Kitzbüheler Horn: The alpine flower garden gives its visitors the chance to feast their eyes on 400 of the most beautiful varieties of alpine flowers, making it the perfect day out for nature lovers.
  • Museum Kitzbühel: Art aficionados are in for a spectacular treat with the Museum Kitzbühel as it exhibits the entire works of Alfons Walde, providing an insight into Kitzbühel’s culture.

With all this on offer, luxury properties have been, and continue to be, in high demand in Kitzbühel. They are a worthwhile investment; property prices will continue to rise in the future, after all. High-profile industrialists as well as sports and film stars recognised the town’s value as early as the 1950s and built their villas here. The world’s rich and famous don’t just like to come to Kitzbühel for holidays, big names also love to make an appearance at a variety of events in the area. The popular Hahnenkamm race weekend, for instance, always attracts famous faces from Austria’s and Germany’s high society, as well as luminaries from international circles.


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