One-of-a-kind penthouse in
the very best city center location
  • Living/floor space ca. 656 m2
  • Terrace area total ca. 614.5 m2
  • Rooms 10
  • Garage 3

€ 22 million

Highly prestigious villa in a prime location in Althietzing
  • Plot size approx. 1162 m2
  • Living/floor space approx. 677 m2
  • Total usable floor space approx. 845 m2
  • Terrace area approx. 41,5 m2

€ 14.9 million

A masterpiece with almost unlimited possibilities
  • Plot size approx. 5,622 m2
  • Living/floor space total approx. 2,503 m2
  • Garage area approx. 450 m2
  • Fantastic opportunities for development and utilization m2

€ 15 million

Living in the palais parkring 14
  • Exclusive residences 3
  • Unique Bel Étage
  • 5-star hotel connection
  • Excellent Concierge-Service

Purchase Price from € 7.5 million

Exclusive penthouse with magnificent views over Vienna
  • Living/floor space approx. 228 m2
  • Terrace areas total approx. 128 m2
  • Bedrooms 3
  • Bathrooms 3

€ 6.49 million

Excellently renovated and rare
villa in a scenic location in Gersthof
  • Plot size approx. 658 m2
  • Living/floor space approx. 344 m2
  • Terrace areas approx. 128 m2
  • Balcony areas approx. 11 m2

€ 5.4 million

Prime villa plot with planning permission in a superb location in the 19th district
  • Plot size approx. 1,536 m2
  • Projected floor space approx. 1,342 m2
  • Terrace areas total approx. 300 m2
  • Bedrooms 5

€ 6.95 million

Designer villa with pool and
garden in Döbling
  • Plot size 807 m2
  • Living/floor space 279,34 m2
  • Terrace area 48,15 m2
  • Balcony areas 31,75 m2

€ 5.5 million

Penthouse with great rooftop terrace close to the opera house
  • Living/floor area approx. 214 m2
  • Terrace area approx. 162 m2
  • Bedrooms 3
  • Bathrooms 2

€ 8.2 million

Magnificent 5-star hotel residence on the ringstrasse
  • Living/floor area approx. 337 m2
  • Roof Terrace approx. 31 m2
  • Bedrooms 3
  • Bathrooms 3

€ 8.5 million

Fantastic palais residence with luxury hotel connection
  • Living/floor space approx. 274 m2
  • Balcony area approx. 19 m2
  • Rooms 5
  • Bathrooms 3

€ 9.9 million

Imperial palace apartment close to Vienna City Park Imperial palace apartment
close to Vienna City Park
  • Living/floor space 142.5 m2
  • Balcony area 6.75 m2
  • Bedrooms 1
  • Bathrooms 1

€ 3.5 million

Stunning penthouse with fantastic roof terraces Stunning penthouse with fantastic
roof terraces
  • Living/floor space 130.49 m2
  • Terrace area 88.13 m2
  • Bedrooms 2
  • Bathrooms 2

€ 2.5 million

High-quality penthouse with quiet courtyard terrace
  • Living/floor space approx. 126 m2
  • Terrace area approx. 21 m2
  • Bedrooms 2
  • Bathrooms 2

€ 2.9 million

Original Sievering villa
from the 1920s
  • Plot size approx. 733 m2
  • Living/floor space approx. 250 m2
  • Terrace area approx. 25 m2
  • Rooms 7

€ 4.15 million

Classic period apartment with extensive views in quiet location
  • Living/floor space approx. 228 m2
  • Balcony area approx. 18 m2
  • Rooms 5
  • Bedrooms 4

€ 2.86 million

Period apartment in prime location
in the 9th district
  • Living/floor space approx. 227 m2
  • Balconies total approx. 18.25 m2
  • Bedrooms 4
  • Bathrooms 3

€ 2.6 million


Vienna is the capital of Austria and the cultural, historical and financial centre of the country. Emperor Franz Joseph I lived in Vienna just over 100 years ago, and the imperial influence can still be seen throughout the city’s historic first district. The capital was named the most liveable city in the world for the tenth time in 2019. This outstanding ranking was due in no small part to Vienna’s first-rate cultural offering and exceptional infrastructure.

The first district, known as Innere Stadt, is the political and economic heart of the country. Amidst beautiful Baroque-era buildings and landmark structures dating from the mid-nineteenth century industrial period (the ‘Gründerzeit’) stand various ministry buildings, the Austrian Parliament and the Hofburg Imperial Palace, housing the offices of the Austrian President. Renowned banks, insurance companies and international businesses are also headquartered here, and the first district is also home to the Vienna Stock Exchange. Vienna is brimming with recreational activities to enrich the soul, too. With the first district’s abundance of coffee houses, Vienna’s traditional coffee house culture is more vibrant and prevalent in the Innere Stadt than any other district.

The capital’s ultra-exclusive inner districts and its proximity to recreational spaces in the Vienna Woods are reflected in the steadily rising property prices per square metre. Whether it’s an apartment with high ceilings in a historic building, a penthouse with a roof terrace or a villa in the nineteenth district, buying property in Vienna gives you peace of mind by having a solid investment for generations to come combined with the unique lifestyle that comes with living in a major city in the heart of Europe.



Anyone who has a taste for exclusivity and luxury brands will discover something new in the Austrian capital’s wide range of upmarket shopping opportunities. Vienna’s most exclusive shopping area – the ‘Goldenes Quartier’ or the ‘Golden U’ – is located right in the heart of the first district. Spanning 11,500 square metres, the quarter is home to flagship stores from premium brands such as Louis Vuitton, Miu, Prada, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Brunello Cucinelli, Loro Piana and Yves Saint Laurent.

If designer clothes aren’t high-end enough, you can also seek out one of Vienna’s bespoke tailors. Rudolf Scheer & Söhne have been making premier tailor-made shoes since 1816, while shoe manufacturer Ludwig Reiter makes welted shoes in the traditional style. Knize & Comp., located on Graben Street, have been in business for over 100 years, and if stylish, custom-fit men’s garments are what you are after, they have you covered with everything from tailcoats to Stresemann lounge jackets. Those looking for luxury bed, table and bath linens will find the finest pieces exclusively monogrammed and embroidered at ‘Zur Schwäbischen Jungfrau’, a linen shop that dates back to 1720.

Connoisseurs of fine wine will find many a special vintage at Vienna’s long-running wine cellars. The 500-year-old Villon wine cellar and the Palais Coburg – which stores over 60,000 bottles – offer tasting sessions and guided tours. The wine cellar at Restaurant Artner on Franziskanerplatz and Schlumberger, Austria’s oldest sparkling wine cellar, are also well worth visiting. In all, two million bottles of sparkling wine are stored in the Schlumberger’s 300-year-old cellar vaults.

And that’s not all that Vienna has to offer. Gourmet restaurants such as the Steirereck, the Schwarze Kameel and Hotel Sacher pamper their guests with professionalism, passion and perfect service. Sophisticated speciality shops such as Julius Meinl, located on Graben Street, offer a perfect selection of delicacies from all over the world. You can procure premium speciality teas from traditional teahouse Haas & Haas, while confectioners Demel K.u.K. Hofzuckerbäcker on Kohlmarkt Street and Gerstner K.u.K. Hofzuckerbäcker offer a wide variety of sweet treats.



Top 10 arts and cultural highlights

There is so much to discover and explore in Vienna with its extraordinary variety of cultural attractions and events. The first district is unparalleled in the sheer number of landmarks, historically significant buildings and culturally rich shows and exhibitions. Vienna’s unforgettable sights don’t stop at the Innere Stadt’s boundaries either. Here is just a snippet of the most spectacular places that the capital has to offer.

  1. St Stephen’s Cathedral
    Construction of the cathedral began as early as 1137.  Standing at 137-metres tall, the south tower – or ‘Steffl’, as it is affectionately known – makes the cathedral the eighth tallest church building in the world.
  2. Schönbrunn
    Schönbrunn Palace attracts around three million visitors every year. It has been made famous by Empress Maria Theresa, who had a private residence in the palace, and her son Emperor Franz Joseph. It’s also well known for having the world’s oldest zoo: Schönbrunn Zoo.
  3. Rathausplatz
    Whether it’s the Life Ball, Christmas market or May Day parades, Vienna’s Rathausplatz is one of the city’s most significant locations. The Rathaus itself – Vienna’s City Hall – is the seat of local government and houses the Mayor’s office.
  4. Prater
    Prater has been open to the public since 1766. It is Vienna’s largest amusement park and is well known for its giant Ferris wheel.
  5. Hofburg
    Today the Hofburg Palace houses the offices of the Austrian President. The chapel is its oldest part, having been constructed between 1447 and 1449. Its popular tourist attractions include the Imperial Apartments, the Sisi Museum and the Imperial Silver Collection.
  6. Belvedere Palace
    Lower Belvedere was built between 1714 and 1717 while Upper Belvedere was constructed between 1721 and 1724. One of the palace’s famous attractions is the exhibition of Gustav Klimt’s painting ‘The Kiss’.
  7. Art History Museum
    Vienna’s Art History Museum (Kunsthistorisches Museum) has been exhibiting major artworks, coins, bank notes, medals and decorations since 1891.
  8. Natural History Museum
    Vienna’s Natural History Museum (Naturhistorisches Museum) boasts 39 galleries, zoological and anthropological departments, a planetarium, meteor collection and a dome hall, and it has a Steller’s sea cow on display. The museum has been open since 1881.
  9. Albertina
    The Albertina was constructed between 1742 and 1745. It is well known today for hosting special exhibitions and holding the world’s largest graphics collection.
  10. Haus des Meeres
    The flak tower in Esterházypark is home to over 10,000 animal species, from venomous snakes to tortoises and monkeys. The Haus des Meeres is one of the most popular attractions for families in particular.


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