Ambassadors of Luxury

Our team is united by the ambition to meet the highest demands and to find the perfect property for you. You can rely on our many years of expertise in the luxury segment, our commitment, intuition, and regional know-how at our locations at Lake Wörtersee, in Vienna and in Kitzbühel.


secret of success::

passionate, personal and


It’s attention to detail

that makes the difference

between average and stunning.

Quality in a service

or product is not

what you put into it.

It is what the client

gets out of it.

If you can dream about it,

then you can do it!

Success is the

natural consequence of

good habits.


is an investment

in the future.

Competence, reliability and passion

are the core values

of an outstanding partnership

Turn your obstacles into opportunities

and your problems into possibilities.

Every detail matters

in order to achieve the maximum.

Work hard

in silence.

Let success

be your noise.

Our passion

for fulfilling the

highest demands makes


Manuel Jost

The focus goes

where energy flows.

Only those who make

make a difference

will be successful.

Perfect preparation

behind the scenes

is essential for the

success of the

whole team.

A satisfied

customer is the

best business strategy

of all.


Discover our hand-picked selection of exclusive properties in the most beautiful locations in Austria: where the highest standards meet the best locations, where exclusivity and aesthetics go hand in hand. Our Ambassadors in Velden am Wörthersee, in Vienna’s city center and in Kitzbühel are always there for you with unparalleled service, excellent expertise and local know-how.



Regardless of whether you are looking for the property of your dreams, want to sell your luxury property or you simply share our passion for LIVING DELUXE Luxury Real Estate, we look forward to hearing from you!


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