Your dream property on film

Perhaps Austria’s most exclusive real estate marketer in the top segment, LIVING DELUXE Luxury Real Estate, has joined the ranks of film producers! Interested real estate buyers – the market is booming as never before, also due to the various current crises – will receive a personalized video of their dream property. 

Thomas Hopfgartner, owner and founder of LIVING DELUXE Luxury Real Estate, gets very excited: “If you are willing to spend millions on a property, you also want to dream about it. According to a German proverb, anticipation is the greatest joy. Many of the exposés currently circulating on the market are either loveless Excel sheets or, at best, illustrated coffee-table books. We go one step further and produce a separate, elaborate film about each dream property with all its details, views, and, yes, emotions. A film says more than a thousand words,” Hopfgartner is convinced.

Serious prospective buyers receive the individually designed movies about the respective property of their dreams in a super exclusive packaging, a great value in and of itself.

Demand exceeds supply
However, LIVING DELUXE head Thomas Hopfgartner has a problem: “We currently have a much higher demand for luxury real estate than we can accommodate in the market. There are some very plausible reasons for this, such as rising inflation, a yearning for a vacation property after the COVID-19 lockdowns, or even global concerns that are boosting the real estate market. For every prime property we can offer, there are ten potential buyers. We haven’t seen a boom like this in the last 20 years,” Hopfgartner says.


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