Chalet boom in Kitzbühel –
Real estate enjoys
great popularity

Even after 30 years, the strong demand for chalets in Kitzbühel continues. Thomas Hopfgartner, the expert when it comes to luxury real estate in the Kitzbühel, Velden and Vienna regions, believes that there will be no end to this trend anytime soon. In addition to location, the reasons for this are primarily to be found in the properties’ immediate availability as well as their stability in value.

 This continuing trend is due to both the location of Kitzbühel and the uniqueness of the properties there. Over the last two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has additionally driven up demand. “There’s actually a real market call for chalets in Kitzbühel. They have long ceased to be a mere trend. This is also because the place is one of the most well-known, exclusive, and popular hotspots in the world and is highly sought after as a tourist destination,” says Thomas Hopfgartner, Managing Director of LIVING DELUXE Real Estate. It is no coincidence that Kitzbühel continues to be the most expensive region in Austriai and the third most expensive destinationi in the entire Alpine region.

In return, buyers not only get panoramic mountain views, superbly equipped luxury chalets and extravagant architecture, but also a high-quality interior, perfectly harmonized and planned through down to the last detail. Properties are handed over complete with furniture, art, decoration, and in some cases even with a filled wine cellar. “The house is fully move-in ready. This allows the buyer to imagine exactly how it feels to live there. Everything you could possibly need to live is already available, which means that nothing stands in the way of immediately moving in. This is one of the main reasons why chalets in Kitzbühel are so popular,” Thomas Hopfgartner knows.

The average price of a chalet in the Kitzbühel area is currently 20,000 EUR/m2, while the purchase price of an average property in Kitzbühel is 9,735 EUR/m2 and just over 5,000 EUR/m2 in Austriaiii. Currently LIVING DELUXE Luxury Real Estate offers several unique chalets in top locations in the Kitzbühel region.

Buying a chalet in Kitzbühel: A stable investment
In addition to the immediate availability of ready-to-move-in properties, buyers particularly appreciate the picturesque landscape and proximity to nature, the wide range of leisure and lifestyle offers in both summer and winter, the security of the region and its good transport links. Moreover, real estate in Kitzbühel has an immense value stability and hence is a great investment. Buying a chalet in Kitzbühel is also worthwhile because market prices continue to rise. Especially since 2018, there has been a strong increase of about 20% in terms of the square meter price of houses. For apartments, it is even more than 50%iv. The majority of buyers come from Germany (60%) and about one third from Austria. The remaining 10% are international buyers.

Individuality: The be-all and end-all
However, the trend toward chalet villages is less popular with his buyers, according to the expert: “In this price range, people want individuality, exclusivity and tranquility. Not a collection of houses that all look the same and are right next to each other.” For this reason, LIVING DELUXE Luxury Real Estate maintains a portfolio that features both classic chalets as well as exceptional properties: “Some time ago, I sold a chalet that actually had been a farm and used to sit in a completely different location. The farm was taken down and rebuilt with the original wood at a gorgeous location in Kitzbühel,” says Thomas Hopfgartner.

i according to a 2022 Immscout24 data analysis
ii according to a 2020 analysis by the major Swiss bank UBS.
iii according to the 2021 real estate price index from wohnungsbö
iv according to the 2021 real estate price index from wohnungsbö


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