Mr. Hopfgartner, you are the LIVING DE LUXE founder and CEO. What is outstanding about your company?

The core competence of LIVING DE LUXE Real Estate is the discreet brokerage of exclusive residential and investment properties in both top Austrian and international locations. Bespoke properties represent the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy and personal service is a prime concern.

Your clients call you a “real estate custom tailor”. How was this reputation acquired?

This certainly has to do with the fact that we respond in a highly individual manner to the wishes, needs and goals of our customers and place a focus on details. During the brokerage of our properties we allocate special importance to sustainability. In general, a bespoke tailored suit is worn longer than an off-the-peg product and as a rule one is extremely pleased with a shoe that fits like a glove.

Apart from Vienna and Kitzbühel, your company specialises in the region around the Wörthersee. What are the reasons for investing in this area?

The climate, the social life and the food, the combination of water and mountains, the central location and easy accessibility to our southern neighbours represent a highly attractive and unique combination. Properties on the Wörthersee were already highly coveted at the turn of the twentieth century and even at this time people were aware that it made sense to invest locally. As a result of a relatively limited range on offer and major demand, apart from quality of life, the value security and sustainability of luxury real estate are decisive factors.

What is the current situation in the real estate market around the Wörthersee?

Real estate market demand continues to be strong. Lakeside properties are especially sought after, but in extremely short supply. In addition, recent years have seen the construction of many apartments such as those in the Schlosshotel Velden, but here too, stocks are dwindling. The service factor is of increasing importance and therefore properties with direct hotel links are extremely popular.

Which target groups demonstrate a particular interest?

Above all, there are many enquiries from the Viennese public and our German neighbours. In recent years, a number of Russian families have acquired properties on the Wörthersee and there is also growing interest in the region from the Netherlands, Switzerland and Slovenia.

You are a Carinthian yourself. What ties do you have with your home region?

For me, the Wörthersee is the most attractive spot on earth. Business keeps me increasingly on the move and the Wörthersee is the place where I find peace and can recharge my batteries.

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