The intensity of the discussion about Venice’s demographic data is only rivalled by that regarding the very future of the lagoon city. Venice currently has a population of around 60,000, while that of its satellite city, Mestre, has grown to 200,000. In recent decades migration has resulted in a growing number of empty properties, but also a market for an international clientele that is prepared to invest large sums in a classic palazzo apartment. The participants in the Venetian luxury real estate market are multifarious and include Italian owners, international investors and developers, and occasionally, private clients. These are generally looking to sell their property in Venice owing to the fact that their lives are divided among too many residences worldwide.

This is also the case with the Villa Bianca on the Lido. The owners are of the opinion that they use this splendid, Art Nouveau style residence far too seldom, which is somewhat difficult to understand, as the property’s location has a special aura. The bedrooms offer a view that extends to the bell tower of the Cathedral Basilica of St. Mark and a private boat mooring is situated a mere 30 metres from the garden gate. The Villa Bianca costs EUR 14 million and is being marketed by Living De Luxe Real Estate, an Austrian company with offices in Velden and Vienna.


Many not only delight in Venice during the warm seasons of the year, but also particularly now when the canals are empty and the city can be shrouded in a ghostly mist, or bathed in a cold, clear light. However, irrespective of the weather, art lovers are attracted by the proximity of the Biennale, museums and collections, not to mention the architecture. This is especially true when a building has been subject to a thorough restoration and modernisation process that has also safeguarded its basic substance. The Palazzo Molin, which already enchanted Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is a typical example of this type of renovation. In recent years, the building was fully restored and divided up into seventeen spacious apartments, one of which has a length of 21 metres. Moreover, according to Thomas Hopfgartner from Living De Luxe Real Estate, a few flats are still available.


The actual main entrance of the Palazzo Molin is on a canal and one arrives by water taxi. Conversely, if the building is approached on foot, a rear door opens out onto a surprisingly large and idyllic inner courtyard. One then enters a huge lobby, where residents can recline on comfortable sofas while reading their post or stating their wishes to the concierge. The Palazzo Molin is the first residence in Venice to offer this extensive service, which is standard to other luxury leisure locations. The show apartment on the first floor is equally stylish and unites the modern with Venetian traditions, as epitomised by its glossy terrazzo flooring.


As far as prices are concerned, one must budget for a threshold of around EUR 10,000 per luxury square metre. Nevertheless, as Thomas Hopfgartner explains, size is not always the decisive factor for buyers: “More important than the number of square metres is a view of the surrounding area.” In addition, measurements in Italy are not net but instead are based on total area.

However, although the city represents a magnificent entity, there are views and there are views. Therefore, location remains critical and loggias on the Grand Canal are in special demand with buyers willing to spend EUR 15 to 20 million on a palazzo. It is also said that a purchaser paid EUR 18 million for a complete property in the Dorsoduro district.

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