The luxury market in the south has to serve a great diversity of target groups. On the one hand, there are those that wish to see and be seen, while on the other there are those seeking peace, solitude and unspoiled natural beauty. Accordingly, the needs that Carinthia’s top location must fulfil are extremely varied. However, one thing that is in universal demand is lake access.

Major demand

Naturally enough, the most famous and coveted houses with lake access are found on the Wörthersee. Whereby the word “found” is not really accurate, because as a rule properties on the Wörthersee with lake access are being sought and actually discovering them has been extremely difficult for a number of years.

As Thomas Hopfgartner from LIVING DE LUXE Real Estate in Velden states: “The situation remains unchanged. Waterside properties are the object of major demand, but the range on offer has not improved.” For example, clients seeking a historical villa with attractive grounds know that it can take a very long time until such a property is sold. Nonetheless, they are patient and possess real estate in other exclusive locations, which means that they do not have to make compromises.

However, what is the reason behind this increasing shortage of properties? Owner families that have long possessed a house on the Wörthersee are loath to let go of their properties and in addition the reserves of land are shrinking. Furthermore, the restrictions on construction and the bureaucracy relating to the bank zone have become more extensive. Consequently, the few apartment house projects that are planned to stand directly on the lake have been in the pipeline for quite some time.

A discreet market

That a property can undergo a change of ownership fully unnoticed is due largely to the fact that buyers and sellers attach enormous value to extreme discretion. Therefore, as Thomas Hopfgartner explains, only a part of his company’s offers are shown on the homepage and even then the information is frequently coded. Nevertheless, anyone who purchased luxury real estate on the Wörthersee some years ago can today obtain a far higher price and for this reason owners are occasionally prompted to sell their apartments with lake access.

To the water by lift

Prices of EUR 10,000 and upwards, are being paid per square metre for first class homes with lake access in the luxury segment and considerably higher amounts in the penthouse segment. Moreover, depending on their size, at least EUR 3,000 per square metre has to be paid for lakeside plots. Conversely, if one moves back just one row, the prices fall markedly.

This is a market scenario that encourages creativity and particularly on the south bank of the lake, top properties in the second row have been developed and linked to the waterside via a lift or bridge. In ideal cases these not only lead to a beach with bathing huts, but to a marina that disposes over some of the sought-after boat moorings.

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