The mission of LIVING DE LUXE Real Estate is to bring quality, exclusivity and luxury to the world. With our outstanding properties, we inspire people with high standards to find their dream home. Like the properties themselves, the service of LIVING DE LUXE Real Estate goes far beyond any standard to meet our clients‘ demands and to live up to the sense of enjoyment, aesthetics, lifestyle and prestige we envisage for our clients.


Thomas Hopfgartner

My great passion and enthusiasm for exceptional quality, tailored service and excellent luxury properties are what motivate me.

It fills me with pride and joy when I get the chance to write one of the special successful chapters in the stories of my customers and luxury properties.
In everything I am and do, I am influenced by values such as seriousness, reliability, honesty, trust, as well as discipline and a high degree of willpower.

I set extremely high standards for myself and my team, which is why each one of us constantly undergoes further training at our in-house LIVING DE LUXE ACADEMY to ensure that we not only can meet your expectations and demands, but exceed them.


Thomas Hopfgartner



With our offices in Velden am Wörthersee, Vienna city centre and Kitzbühel, we ensure unparalleled service when brokering and selling the best quality properties. In a welcoming, undisturbed, discreet and personal atmosphere, we advise you from the first appointment to the handling of contracts and much more.



Schloss Velden am Wörthersee

+43 4274 38244


Seecorso 3,
9220 Velden am Wörthersee
+43 4274 38244


Josef-Herold-Straße 3,
6370 Kitzbühel
+43 5356 71886


Graben 30,
1010 Vienna
+43 1 5032271


The LIVING DE LUXE ACADEMY was launched to make sure that the LIVING DE LUXE team does not lose sight of, but rather furthers and supports our company’s philosophy, mission and values in this constantly changing, complex and increasingly fast-paced world, as well as to help us meet our own standards for excellence and innovation.

There is a huge gap between “very good” and “excellent”. We are committed to constantly striving for excellence, in the knowledge that this isn’t something static but rather requires us to actively live out our company values and position for our customers. All employees are therefore informed about various training and coaching units all year round in different combinations, including our own high performance team. We are proud to say that our LIVING DE LUXE ACADEMY is managed by one of the few certified High Performance Coaches™ in the world.