Property in Velden at Lake Wörth

Velden has long secured its name as one of the most exclusive places of residence in Austria. This is mostly due to the historic past of this small market community with only 9000 inhabitants. The name « Velden » was documented for the first time in 1150. When its first public bath was opened in 1864, it began to pave its way towards becoming a health resort destination. Its most scintillating times were enjoyed during the 60’s and 70’s when the rich and famous from all over the world began to travel to Lake Wörth. In 1972, an all time high of one million overnight stays was recorded. Back then and today it is still its unique mixture of sophisticated elegance and a spectacular natural backdrop that has been putting local and international guests under its spell.

Amongst Velden’s highlights are its majestic villas, some of which, such as the « Villa Helene » or the « Hotel Kointsch », are over 100 years old. At the very latest, the sight of « Schloss Velden » that has been used as the place of filming for the TV series « A Castle at Lake Wörth » in the past, will make your wish for your own property in Velden at Lake Wörth begin to take shape. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to purchase a property with direct lake access. This is due to low availability on one hand, and the very high purchase prices on the other that have to be paid depending on location and the length of the shoreline.

Generally speaking, property prices have risen up to 30 percent within the last three years, while in some parts of Lake Wörth increases in value have risen by thousands of Euros per square meter within the past years. Because of this, idyllic luxurious residences are still in demand despite their high price. There is lots of room for development potential. Those that are satisfied with views of the Lake, should keep an eye out for luxurious property development projects aside of the waterfront.  These often offer their future owners exclusive amenities such as a beach or use of a private marina.

LIVING DE LUXE Real Estate is specialised in upscale, exclusive properties in Austria. Due to our situation in Velden, our business looks back on many years of experience and according know-how when it comes to the local real estate market. Upon request, we are happy to provide you with more information on the premium residences in our portfolio and are always available for personal consultations.