• Private Dinners

    "Experience a perfect mix of cuisine and an extraordinary experience with exclusive Private Dinners from LIVING DE LUXE. In a one-of-a-kind atmosphere and together with special colleagues, we create unforgettable evenings for our friends, clients and partners. It is always a pleasure to spend a wonderful evening with wonderful guests."

    (Thomas Hopfgartner, CEO, LIVING DE LUXE Real Estate)


    Falstaff and LIVING DE LUXE Dinner at the Vienna State Opera in November 2016

    „“An unwritten law that nonetheless holds true: Happiness is found in special moments.” With the exclusive dinner at the Vienna State Opera, Falstaff and LIVING DE LUXE have created the perfect fusion of culture and cuisine in a unique atmosphere for people who know how to appreciate pleasure, style, quality and individuality in all their various forms."

    (Wolfgang Rosam, Falstaff editor)

    LIVING DE LUXE dinner in the historic basement-hall of
    Rudolf Scheer & sons imperial court shoemaker in November 2015

    „A tailor-made shoe means absolute quality, perfected handcraft and individuality in form and workmanship. The same goes for the culinary masterpieces at our exclusive dinners, but also to the philosophy that LIVING DE LUXE has committed to when it comes to exceptional properties. This results in great interaction between sophisticated guests who appreciate the value of special things – and we are happy to provide the atmospheric setting.“

    (Markus Scheer, Scheer GmbH)

  • Wild about the waltz

    As of 2016, LIVING DE LUXE Real Estate is now a partner of the Vienna Opera Ball.


    “The Vienna Opera Ball has earned worldwide acclaim and popularity. Like every celebration, however, the Vienna Opera Ball depends on all its individual components, especially its partners and guests. It’s particularly magical when people come together who have the same values, views and also the same awareness of quality. And a lot of passion as well! This is why I am especially excited about the partnership with Living Deluxe. With Thomas Hopfgartner and Dr. Harald Lang, the Vienna Opera Ball has not only acquired special supporters and guests, but also friends who speak the same language.”

    Maria Großbauer, Organiser of the Vienna Opera Ball


    At the beginning of 2014, LIVING DE LUXE Real Estate was made an official partner of the Beach Volleyball Grand Slam at Lake Wörth.
    Two partners, united by the mutual pursuit of excellence.

    « I am very pleased in having won a new partner for our VIP/B2B area in LIVING DE LUXE, who have the same approach as we do to many things. The endeavour to offer clients only the very best in quality is certainly one of these mutual approaches. Furthermore, we are united by a search for the most beautiful locations for our clients. Whereby for us, it is only possible to set up our events and structures for a limited period of time, LIVING DE LUXE can make lifelong dreams come true. »

    (Hannes Jagerhofer)