Luxury Real Estate at Lake Wörthersee

An idyllic countryside paired with exclusivity: such are the characteristics of sought-after real estate at Lake Wörthersee, Carinthia’s largest lake. Demand is high, supply a true rarity. Its high potential is based on waterfront properties that entice not only with their picturesque locations, but also with unique panoramic views over the lake and the nearby mountains. Buyers from surrounding cantons such as Vienna or Salzburg as well as international investors have discovered luxury real estate at Lake Wörthersee as secure and lucrative investments with promising returns.

The purchase price is dependent not only on exquisite fittings and interiors that allow for some luxury properties to gain prices of up to 10.000 Euros per square meter, but also on the length of the shoreline. The larger the shoreline of high-end plots of land at the lake, the larger their price on the real estate market. Thereby, there is a significant difference in price between waterfront properties and those that are built just behind them.

In general, buyers are looking at prices between 3.000 and 4.000 Euros per square meter for waterfront land plots (as of 2014). When it comes to luxury properties with direct lake access, for example in the very popular resort destination of Velden, prices of up to 20.000 Euros are paid. Due to this, luxury properties are now being increasingly situated just behind the waterfront, which does not diminish their exclusivity in any way.

Lake Wörthersee has long become established as a meeting point for the rich and famous – upping the demand of many upscale properties due to their prominent owners and thereby, leading to a square meter price of around 10.000 Euros in some parts. Not only Austria’s high society has discovered the tranquillity of Lake Wörthersee – especially the possibility of enjoying a discreet holiday within the best circles is valued by all. Those that have not yet been able to enjoy owning an exclusive property here can still see and be seen at annual high society events and celebrations.

LIVING DE LUXE Real Estate specialises in especially exclusive and luxurious properties in Austria. Due to our local situation in Velden, our business looks back on many years of experience and according know-how when it comes to the local real estate markets. Upon request, we are happy to provide you with more information on our premium residences and are always available for personal consultations at any time.