Living De Luxe Vienna

Vienna, the former home of the Austrian imperial family is also considered the capital of both history and culture. With an array of spacious parks and stunning imperial architecture to take in, the Austrian capital offers a timeless and authentic experience. According to a wide variety of international ranking institutions, Vienna is considered to be the city with highest quality of life in the world.

The pedestrian zone in the city-centre, which extends from the Opera house to the Kohlmarkt, is also Vienna's most luxurious shopping area. Flagship-stores, international brands and traditional Viennese shops line the streets and are all easily accessible on foot.

Cultural Highlights
Vienna is a melting pot for culture enthusiasts. The New Year concert, the city opera, and contemporary festivals such as „Wien Modern“, are just a handful of world-renowned cultural experiences on offer. Vienna also offers a multitude of different bars, nightclubs and music events to satisfy anyone looking to enjoy the city's nightlife.

The city center is filled with historical sights and attractions such as the Stephansdom, the Karlskirche, the Hofburg, the Rathaus and the Burgtheater, all of which are within walking distance from one another. Furthermore, Vienna also offers a number of different museums and galleries for those who like to indulge in the arts.

Culinary experiences
Vienna's culinary experience is based on the Austrian-Bohemian kitchen. The traditional Viennese cafes within the city-center are part of the culture and history of Vienna, and are well known for their artistic and impressive confectionaries. For someone looking to get away from the busier city-center, the surrounding districts that make up Vienna's outskirts are filled with idyllic green areas and the „Heurigen“ culture where great food and fantastic local wine go hand in hand.

The city-center is also the political and economic focal point for the entire country. Alongside numerous ministries and the parliament building, one will also find the national treasury, as well as multiple office buildings, banks, and other international businesses.

Living De Luxe Wörthersee

Already during the 19th Century, Lake Wörth was discovered by Vienna’s high society and became a popular holiday destination. Majestic villas were used as summer residences all around the lake. Today, these villas are known as being of « Wörthersee architecture » and are amongst the most coveted real estate objects at Wörthersee. Surrounded by picturesque mountains and a mild climate, this lake in Carinthia has also become a popular destination for international guests.

With a length of 16,5 kilometres, Wörthersee is Carinthia’s largest lake and, due to its climatic situations, also one of the warmest lakes in the Alpine Region. It is renowned not only for its varying nuances of colour that range from deep blue to shimmering emerald green, but also its drinking water quality. At the same time, it is a point of origin when it comes to numerous activities in the summer and winter time.

Carinthia is located within Central Europe’s temperate climate zone. Due to its southern situation, during summer months, a mild, Mediterranean influence with many hours of sun is evident. A further appeal of this region is its well-defined seasons due to its climatic conditions that manifest in a beautiful interplay of nature.

Diversity at Wörthersee
The region’s specialty is its proximity to the bordering countries of Slovenia and Italy. Here, Germanic, Romanic and Slavic culture come together. Cities such as Venice, Trieste or Ljubljana can be quickly and easily reached and also offer extraordinarily diverse cultural experiences.

Events and Culinary Experiences
Annual events such as the Beach Volleyball World Tour, the Sports Car Festival or the Fête Blanche as well as popular movie and TV productions that have often used Wörthersee as a location for filming, have made it renowned far beyond its borders.

All around the lake, culinary pleasures for the taste buds can be discovered in all facets — from regional specialties to renowned, award winning restaurants, hip locations, cocktail bars and clubs that offer night life enthusiasts entertainments into the early hours of the morning.

Kitzbühel is one of the most renowned destinations when it comes to luxury ski tourism in Austria. Magical alpine architecture is combined with 5 star accommodation offering a diverse range of activities. With its historical city center, buildings steeped in history and the surrounding mountain landscape, the village exudes idyllic charm.

Sport & Events
During every season, this small town presents itself from its athletic side with an additional touch of glamour. In winter, Kitzbühel entices with 170 kilometres in pistes and 50 modern ski lifts and gondolas. Due to pistes in the neighbouring municipalities of « Jochberg », « Kirchberg » in Tyrol as well as the « Pass von Thurn », one of the largest and most sought-after skiing areas in Austria is being created. The legendary pistes of the « Hahnenkamm » race entice not only local guests, but an increasingly international audience into visiting too.

During the summer season, the « Gamsstadt » is seen as a popular holiday and resort destination. Countless hiking as well as ambitious cycling and mountain-biking routes, as well as a large centre for golf are further assurances for this.

The fascinating world of Kitzbühel’s event culture is diverse as well as spectacular. During all seasons, varying sports and culture related events such as the Hahnenkamm race of the Snow-Polo, the Triathlon or the Tennis Trophy enthuse locals and international visitors from all over the world.

Culinary Experiences
Tyrolean specialties await guests with a large number of diverse, delicious dishes, prepared with the best, local ingredients. An exclusive offer of award winning restaurants offering regional specialties ensure for a combination of luxury and countryside charm.

In Kitzbühel’s shop windows, one can discover both Kitzbühel’s local craftsmanship and that of the rest of the world. From a classic « Dirndl » to alpine inspired jewelry, all kinds of specialties are on offer from the workshops of the region. Renowned international fashion labels are also presented in the shop windows of the local boutiques.